In the Shadow of a War

  • December 22, 2021
The tale of ‘India in Making’ is generally elaborated with the help of three conventional ideological frameworks viz. Liberal, Marxist and Gandhian. Drawing on the legacy of colonialism and India’s association with it; these frameworks have in their own way explained the ‘Idea of India’.
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How Indian Press Was Muzzled During Emergency

  • November 7, 2020
Veteran Journalist Coomi Kapoor recalls in this book how Press was muzzled and civil liberties were suspended when Emergency was imposed by the Congress in 1975. Here are the excerpts from "The Emergency:A Personal History"
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क्रांतिकारियों के प्रेरणा स्त्रोत भाई परमानंद ( जन्मतिथि 4 नवंबर)

  • November 4, 2020
इस आलेख में ब्रिटिश सरकार के खिलाफ गदर आंदोलन में प्रमुख भूमिका निभाने पर मिली काले पानी की कड़ी सजा काटने के बाद भगत सिंह,बिस्मिल सहित असंख्य क्रांतिकारियों के प्रेरणा स्त्रोत रहे भाई परमानंद के जीवन व कार्यों पर तथ्यात्मक जानकारी
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