19th Century Rare Archival Sketch Of Maharaja Gulab Singh Of Jammu-Kashmir

Maharaja Gulab Singh

This is a rare archival sketch from from “Recollections of India. Part 2. Kashmir and the Alpine Punjab” by James Duffield Harding (1797-1863).  It depicts Maharaja Gulab Singh  of Jammu and Kashmir.  He had started his career as a soldier under Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1792-1839) and rose to a prominent position at his court. After signing the Treaty of Amritsar, 1846 he became Maharaja and bought the territories of Jammu and Kashmir which occupied an important position in the politics and geography of  Indian subcontinent. The artist who drew this was Hardinge, Charles Stewart (1822 – 1894)

(Source and Copyright of the image:The British Library Board)

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