There is an urgent need to dispel the manufactured cotton-candy discourse on the Khilafat
Movement. Make no mistake; the Khilafat Movement has relevance because the mindset that set it
in motion 100 years ago is still at work. This mindset calls for a religiously sanctioned return of
civilization to a seventh-century environment. Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.
Equally true, those who falsify history may not live to repeat it. It’s time to call the bluff!

Dr Shreerang Godbole has called off this bluff in a series of articles published initially on and

The collection of these articles is available here:-

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Dr Shreerang Godbole
Dr Shreerang Godbole

Dr. Shreerang Godbole is a Pune(Maharashtra)-based endocrinologist and diabetologist. As an author he has
written books in Marathi, Hindi and English on Islam, Christianity, religious demography,
contemporary Buddhist-Muslim relations, historic leap of Veer Savarkar at Marseilles and the history
of Gharwapasi(return into Hindu fold) in pre-Independence era. Some of his Marathi books have been translated into Hindi
and Gujarati. He has also written an online English biography of Ganesh Damodar alias Babarao
Savarkar. He has translated Marathi books on Jihad and ‘Love Jihad’ into English.