Naga Hoho- The Babbling Brook Of Nagaland

Anandita Singh

Anandita Singh reveals the non-credibility of Naga Hoho and NSCN-IM. She has based her arguments on the statements made against the said organizations by their Contemporaries.


There is a famous saying “a shallow brook babbles the loudest”. This saying, can be more than a hundred percent applicable to the state of Nagaland if one pays a close look at the on goings of the state in the past few months.

NSCN-IM is an insurgent, militant outfit active in Nagaland, which has given rise to insurgency throughout Northeast. To make their work easier and more seamless, the outfit uses some puppet organizations to make their over ground presence felt and marked. Some of these organizations include Naga Hoho and Naga Mother’s association which have zero support from the people of Nagaland and this statement , is not a mere figment of imagination, but subsequent proof will meet eyes of the reader in this article.

For decades, the Nagas have been suffering, sometimes due to internal hunger for power and politics that gave rise to organizations like Naga national council led by A Z Phizo (who has been responsible for starting the entire turmoil of separationist movements in the region), sometimes because of foreign funded militancy in the form of NSCN-IM and sometimes due to the inability of the previous governments to make an impactful move and arise on a solution that guarantees lasting peace.

But ultimately, when the BJP led government at the center took a stern, strong and steadfast step towards hopefully permanently resolving the issue, there are miscreants that are hell bent at leaving no stone unturned to ensure that efforts upon efforts are tossed to a political dustbin, people are misled and their anti-development, selfish agenda keeps feeding on this artificially created rift!

On 12th August, a delegation of Naga Hoho met Union minister Jitendra Singh (Minister of State for PMO & MDONER)  and urged for an early conclusion of talks with NSCN-IM. To clear out the basics, Naga Hoho claims to be an apex body of the Naga tribes, while in reality it is a meek puppet in the hands of insurgent outfit National socialist council of Nagalim (Isak- Muivah) (NSCN-IM) which has been involved with the central government in the ongoing peace talks along with Naga National political Groups (NNPGs).

While the Naga Hoho claims to be an apex body of Naga tribes, a statement was made by the 14 separate Hohos of the Naga communities alleging the Naga Hoho of creating disturbance and blockades in the peace talk and the statement clarifies that “any matter that involves or concerns the nagas of Nagaland, should be routed by the 14 tribes of Nagaland. Any decision taken by the Naga Hoho or any other organization on our behalf will not be honored.” This makes it crystal clear that the 14 tribes of Nagaland are upset with this move of Naga Hoho and have specified in the same release that 80% of Nagas live in Nagaland, where the apex body of each tribe has rejected the Naga Hoho!

This is not it! Suddenly, the NSCN-IM along with Naga Hoho raised a demand of replacing the Interlocutor of the peace talks Sh, R N Ravi, blaming him of mishandling the situation and not respecting the Naga sentiment. In reaction to which, a press release was made on 11th August 2020 saying; “The 14 Apex Tribal Hohos of Nagaland record our sincere appreciation to the Interlocutor of the Government of India Mr. R.N. Ravi and the Naga negotiators for their magnanimity and dedicated engagement towards bringing lasting peace through an inclusive solution. We also appeal to the negotiators to stand committed to the cause and deliver the long awaited solution to the people”. In addition to the 14 apex tribal Hohos, the working committee of the NNPG, a conglomerate of seven organizations, said they are hopeful that with Sh Ravi holding the reins, an acceptable and honorable political solution could be forged to resolve the issue, and rejected the recent suggestion of Naga Hoho, to replace him.

The reason to this demand of replacing the center’s interlocutor is simpler than ‘two plus two equals four. In June, Sh Ravi had written an elaborate letter to the government of Nagaland expressing concern over the abysmal condition of law and order in the state, holding NSCN-IM and its extortion programs responsible for the deplorable condition. The NSCN-IM has been shook by this string and straightforward move and in the fear of being completely exposed, are now trying tooth and nail to create distractions and hide their wrong doings from the public.

The Naga Hoho, while claims to be the apex body, certainly does not hold any confidence among the people as in March 2020, the working committee of the NNPG clearly stated that a peace solution can be agreed upon with the presence and involvement of Naga Hoho or even NSCN-IM.

On various other instances, the Naga Hoho has been criticized by the NNPGs, 14 apex tribes, Gaon Burha federation etc and has no support and respect whatsoever in the eyes of its contemporaries.

Desperate moves are being made to create a façade that they are still powerful and influential by creating a hue and cry around a mockery in the name of Independence day on 14th August, or coming up with new organizations like ‘Global Naga forum’. They have zero credibility and zero support and it is immensely evident that these organizations are only creating chaos and hungry to stay in power; to harass and extort the people of Nagaland who are looking at the current government with hope and faith but the so-called flagbearers of Naga tribes are only casting their greedy shadows upon the sunshine of a common man.


(Anandita Singh is a Research Scholar at Centre for North East Studies, New Delhi. The views expressed are personal)

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  1. wonderfully written.
    Describing what Naga Hoho and 14 tribal Hoho
    This is new approach of author to look on Naga Issue.
    Good work

  2. Anandita it’s obvious your assumptions are based on hearsay and not on research ..Neither the Naga Mothers Association or the Naga Hoho are puppet organisations.
    You will need to substantiate and prove such defamatory allegations.

  3. One of the best article I’ve read in this current imbroglio. Research has been done very properly. The feelings and thoughts of the Nagas has been pinpointedly jotted down by the author.
    Just an addition, 90% of the Nagas doesn’t care about solution. We just want to remain as it is with India but nobody is man enough to stand and speak the truth. The NSCN is delaying the solution to keep on taxing the people. If you happen to visit Nagaland please ask the locals about the owners of the most expensive and luxurious houses and buildings, everything is owned by NSCN(Terrorist Group)

  4. I think your research work is all based on the datas you collected from the confiness of your room surfing the internet without an iota of the real happenings on the ground in Nagaland..Wont argue with you on other points but please get your facts right regarding your assumptions that Nagas are confined to the present state of Nagaland..please do some work on the Nagas in Manipur, Arunachal, Assam and for that matter even Myanmar..lets not even talk about the other naga tribes outside Nagaland but the tribes of Nagaland in other states..The Sumis in Arunachal, Chakesangs in Manipur, Rengmas in Assam..please get your facts right unless you become an object of ridicule..

  5. I appreciate and reputable command on indepth study on the scenario. There should be an immediate end of this story or ask the anti nationalist to go back to the entry point they got in as they always brings abut so calked ” unique history” , ” unique identity” and bla bla. Can they name a tribe or race in the world who don’t have unique history or identity ?

    How long people of neighbouring states and the inhabitant of that place will be suffering just because of their attitude problem and/or vested interest.

    How long hard earned tax payers money will be kept pumping in the name of various grunts !!!
    There is no wonder, if i see your name in the daily news paper or media’s from the point of racism, with a tag of ” plain”, ” non-local” , ” mainland indian” etc. ‘ what she knows about unique history or identity of the place? ‘
    All anti nationalist should be chased out of the nation and let them go back following the footprints of their ancestors where they feel safe about their identity and history .

  6. Non of the turmoilr are original inhabitant of the place, all are foreigners . Their birth certificate to be collected by GII first

  7. When an author sees from an angle of a microscopic view of “insurgent or militant outfit or entire turmoil of separationist movements”, the result is apparent. Broaden your scope of research.

  8. Short, succinct and a more insightful article on the ground reality of Nagaland than all the numerous and lengthy articles that so called experts are putting out in mainstream media.

  9. If the Naga Hoho, Naga Mother’s Association and Naga Students Federation are shallow Brooks, who are the deep running Brooks? NNPG? NTC?
    Oh my God! How shallow can you get?! Anyway, I am not surprised. It is such one sided reporting which is giving journalism and media a really bad name to the extent of some being dubbed “the News Prostitute”!
    Please remember, organisation (s) or individuals who toe the line of Indian government or its agencies are viewed as traitors to the cause of the Nagas, not the other way round.

  10. Have some decency…don’t think you can write whatever you want by sitting at your AC Room in Delhi… You don’t even know where Nagaland is.Come to Nagaland and get the facts right. Come to Nagaland and let’s have Live Debate if you dare.

  11. Dear Anandita Singh,
    I am an old man of 86 years old speaking to you. Through out my life I have been collecting the history of the Naga Political movement. But somehow we have not been able to publish the whole truth because of some reasons or others. There are only five tribes so called in Naga Hoho. Namely: Angami, Rengma, Pochery, Chakhesang and Zeliang are affiliated to so called Naga Hoho out of 14 Nagas of Nagaland tribes. So there is no gretibility of having Naga Hoho. The President of Naga Hoho is from Sumi tribe. But Sumi Hoho, The Apex body of Sumi has given him utimatum to withdraw from Naga Hoho because Sumi Tribe is not affiliated with Naga Hoho. Some onlookers may construe that Sumi tribe is affiliated in Naga Hoho as Sumi is the President in Naga Hoho. But Sumi Hoho had excommonicated him from Sumi community. Therefore he cannot represent Sumi Tribe. I sincerely appreciate your knowings about Naga imbroglio. I wonder how you could collect all these correct information concerning Naga Political problems.You correctly analysed the Naga Political history. I wish if you can publish in a Booklet form for wide circulation. Thank you very much. Nagas of all walk of life appreciate your write up.Thank you once again. Dr.Hokishe Yepthomi.

  12. Well, Naga Hoho and Naga Mother’s Association along with NSCN IM are the first and oldest mandated organizations in the land of Nagas (not confined to the Indian state of Nagaland).
    What makes you think that the Naga issue is about a particular state? There are more than 60 Naga tribes in the indian occupied land of Nagas, what makes you think a mere 14 tribe leaders without popular mandate can take on the Apex organisations?

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