A Tell-All Book : ‘Delhi Riots:Conspiracy Unravelled’

Delhi Riots:Conspiracy Unravelled

Excerpts from forthcoming book  ‘Delhi Riots:Conspiracy Unravelled’:

“The protests continued on 23rd Feb, 2020, and events unfolded as follows:

i.In the morning, police reinforcement arrived to remove the protestors, who in turn, sought more reinforcement as evident from the tweet at 6:50 a.m. posted by the CAA/ NRC protest info official handle.

ii.However, more protestors were mobilised  at  the Jaffrabad Metro Station. this created a stage similar to Shaheen Bagh and following the interruption, Delhi Metro shut down the Jaffrabad Metro Station gates at 8:25 a.m.

iii.Meanwhile, around 9:00 a.m., Delhi police intervened, telling the protestors that the permission to march from Chand Bagh to Rajghat had been released and the protestors should vacate the site. Bhim Army also sent a message seeking greater mobilisation to assist the protestors at the Jaffrabad Metro Station as is evident from the tweet as below:

iv.At around 3:00 p.m., Kapil Mishra of the BJP, reached at Maujpur Chowk and in a provocative speech told the crowd to hit the street if the police failed to clear the protest venue in Jaffrabad and Chand Bagh. He threatened that peace had to be maintained only until the US President, Donald Trump left the country.

Hindi version of ‘Delhi Riots:Conspiracy Unravelled’

v.After that, clashes erupted near the Maujpur Metro Station between the pro-and anti-CAA protestors. Pelting of stones started and anti-CAA protestors burnt the cars belonging to the Hindu community but allowing the Muslim cars to pass through the blockage.

vi.Thereafter the clashes spread to other adjoining areas, like Brijpuri, Chand Bagh, Babarpur and Karawal Nagar where the Delhi police resorted to lathi charge and tear gas. Paramilitary forces were also called in.

vii. Meanwhile, clashes were also reported from Hauz Rani in South Delhi area, where the police resorted to lathi charge to bring the situation was under control.

viii. After a brief period of calm, riots  again  broke out on both sides of Karawal Nagar, Chand Bagh, Babarpur and Maujpur.”


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