Lautenberg Amendment 1990

United States had a program starting in 1990s with lot of similarities to Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 under an amendment called Lautenberg Amendment. Named after Frank Lautenberg (a NJ Democrat), this program initially facilitated resettlement of religiously persecuted minorities from Soviet Union (Jews, Evangelical Christians, Ukrainian Catholics, and members of Ukraine Orthodox Church) to USA. It was later extended to other countries such as Iran by Specter Amendment. USCIS website still refers these people as Lautenberg Parolees.

See links from US Gov website, snapshots from actual US Statute language and INS (now called USCIS) implementation guidelines from US GAO in 1990. Also an article from Congress Quarterly Roll Call, a very authentic source, clearly identifying who qualifies (and who does not) under the program from Iran under Specter Amendment.

CQ Roll Call: Honoring Frank Lautenberg

Lautenberg Amendment US Statute and Establishment of Categories (103 Stat 1262, Read 2A and 2B)

USCIS Link Mentioning Lautenberg Parolees

US GAO Report May 1990 – Page 1 and 5

In Simple words on Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Website:

Refugee Admissions and Resettlement Policy Dec 18, 2018: Page 9