Book Cover: Prime Time Propaganda

Ben Shapiro tells the story of how television has been used over the past sixty years by Hollywood writers, producers, actors, and executives to promote their liberal ideals, to push the envelope on social and political issues, and to shape America in their own leftist image.

In this thoroughly researched and detailed history of the television industry, the conservative columnist and bestselling author Ben Shapiro argues that left-leaning entertainment kingpins in Los Angeles and New York have leveraged-and continue to use-their positions and power to push liberal messages and to promote the Democratic Party while actively discriminating against their opponents on the right. According to Shapiro, television isn’t just about entertainment-it’s an attempt to convince Americans that the social, economic, and foreign policy shaped by leftism is morally righteous.

But don’t take his word for it. Shapiro interviewed more than one hundred of the industry’s biggest players, including Larry Gelbart (M*A*S*H), Marta Kauffman (Friends), David Shore (House), and Mark Burnett (Survivor). Many of these insiders boast that not only is Hollywood biased against conservatives, but that many of the shows being broadcast have secret political messages. After hearing this groundbreaking expose, listeners will never watch television the same way again.

Here are excerpts from the book:

“It’s a leftist oligarchy. Television is written by liberals, produced by liberals, and greenlit by liberals. Americans watch it because it’s clever and fascinating. And they’re taken in by the pernicious political messages inserted by the creators, whether consciously or unconsciously.

In Primetime Propaganda, you’ll learn how the industry truly operates. You’ll learn who the decision makers, the power brokers, the influential artists who create our programming truly are. You’ll find out what you’ve really been watching all these years, and how those behind the scenes have shaped hearts and minds across the globe.

Some readers, no doubt, will shy away from this exposé of their favorite shows, networks, producers, and writers. Americans feel about television the way we feel about sausage and magic trickswe love to consume them, but we don’t want to know their secrets. We feel that knowing how sausage is made, magic tricks are performed, or television is created will somehow detract from our enjoyment.

Understanding the television industry, however, doesn’t tarnish the magic of the final productit actually enhances it. When we realize how many elements it takes to bring a vision to the screen, we’re awed. When we understand what was going through the creators’ heads from inception to filming, we love television even more.

At the same time, though, we must understand that television is the exclusive domain of a select few who use the mystique of the industry to mask their own political propagandizing. We must correct that state of affairs if we want to improve television.

After reading Primetime Propaganda, you’ll be awakened to what’s really going on behind the small screen, and you’ll be stunned to learn that you’ve been targeted by generations of television creators and programmers for political conversion. You’ll find out that the box in your living room has been invading your mind, subtly shaping your opinions, pushing you to certain sociopolitical conclusions for years.

The next step is fixing the problem. After looking at television from every angle, thoroughly scrutinizing it, we’ll learn how to stop this liberal living-room invasion by engaging with the industry rather than running away from it.

There is no more subversive social force than culture—and there has been no more powerful voice in our culture than television. Television has been weaponized by those who would use it to cajole, convince, and convert. Until now, we have been ignorant of what goes on behind the curtain..”

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