The Nazi Connection To Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler And Haj Amin Al-Husseini

Book Cover:The Nazi Connection To Islamic Terrorism

Chuck Morse tells  the unknown and quite remarkable story of Haj Amin al-Husseini who was, in many ways, as big a Nazi villain as Hitler himself. He played a pivotal role in funneling  Nazi loot into pro-war Arab countries. Here are the excerpts from his book-

“Al-Husseini was the first leader to send a congratulatory letter to Adolf Hitler
upon his election in 1933. In 1936, al-Husseini contacted Nazi emissary Adolf
Eichmann during his visit to Palestine and Egypt. Soon after, al-Husseini became
a paid agent of the Nazis and instigated a revolt against the British in Palestine.
After the British evicted him from Palestine he moved on to Iraq, where he
played a behind-the-scenes role in a pro-Nazi coup in 1940 and a role in the
Fahud, the anti-Jewish pogrom that followed the collapse of the pro-Nazi Iraqi
After fleeing Iraq, and after stopping in Tehran, Istanbul, and Rome, Al Husseini
ended up in Berlin where he held a well-publicized meeting with Hitler.
At that meeting, Hitler promised to set al-Husseini up as a Nazi führer in the
Middle East after he subdued Europe. The plan was for al-Husseini to lead NaziMuslim
brigades across the Caucasus Mountains where they would impose a
Nazi-Muslim caliphate. Hitler and al-Husseini also discussed “the Jewish
Al-Husseini was the de facto head of a Nazi-Muslim government-in-exile in
Berlin during the war. He conducted bone-chilling anti-Semitic broadcasts, was
financed by money confiscated from Jews after they were sent to the death
camps, was involved in training Bosnian Muslim Hanzar brigades to fight for the
Nazi Wehrmacht, and he initiated espionage and sabotage in the Middle East
against the Allies and against the Jews of Palestine. Al-Husseini toured the death
camps and sent letters to pro-Nazi European leaders urging them to send their
Jews to “Poland,” which was a euphemism for the crematoria. There are many
incidences known in which al-Husseini was more pro-Nazi and more of a
promoter of the Holocaust than were the Nazi elite themselves.
Al-Husseini was never held to account for his World War II crimes, as he
slipped out of Germany one step ahead of a summons to appear at the
Nuremberg Tribunal. He went on to Cairo where he operated against Israel with
a virtual free hand until his death in 1975. He assisted in the smuggling of Nazi
war criminals into the Middle East, where many of them converted to Islam,
adopted Muslim names, and rose to positions of prominence in Arab capitals. He
played a role in training irregulars, including Yasir Arafat, who was purported to
be his nephew, to fight against Israel in its war of independence. There were
reports of men on the front line attacking Israel in Hanzar uniforms.
Al-Husseini briefly headed an all-Arab government in Gaza and called for
Arabs to leave Israel with promises that they would be returned. He was
implicated in the assassination of the moderate Jordanian King Abdallah, who
wanted peace with Israel, and he played a major role in instituting Arab refugee
camps by discouraging Arab governments from assimilating the Arab refugees
for political reasons. Remaining an Islamic extremist and a Nazi for the rest of
his life, it could be argued that Haj Amin al-Husseini is also the father of the
modern jihadist movement against the Western democracies and against the
moderate Arab and Muslim countries.”

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